YT ReVanced (Extended)


  • CLI: j-hc/revanced-cli-3.1.0-all.jar
  • Integrations: YT-Advanced/revanced-integrations-0.119.1.apk
  • Patches: YT-Advanced/revanced-patches-2.190.2.jar
  • feat(youtube): add support version v18.35.36
  • fix(youtube/whitelist): SponsorBlock option disappear
  • fix(youtube/hide-quality-footer): Not getting hidden

Music & YT ReVanced (General)


  • CLI: j-hc/revanced-cli-3.2.0-all.jar
  • Integrations: ReVanced/revanced-integrations-0.117.1.apk
  • Patches: ReVanced/revanced-patches-2.190.0.jar
  • Bug Fixes
  • Enable android debugging: Update patch description (#2869) (d9f0d08)
  • Reddit is Fun – Spoof client: Use a more convincing user agent (236a18f)
  • Tiktok – Show seekbar: Bump compatibility (#2737) (08413bd)
  • YouTube – Client spoof: Adjust spoof signature settings description (#2760) (f71d893)
  • YouTube Music – Remove upgrade button: Remove the correct navigation bar item (fd3813f)
  • Features
  • Add Override certificate pinning patch (#2781) (94ed738)
  • Change package name: Append .revanced to package name by default (#2750) (e83e62f)
  • Duolingo: Add Unlock Duolingo Super patch (#2862) (61a7533)
  • Exclude Custom branding patch by default (d6de957)
  • Lightroom: Add Disable mandatory login patch (#2738) (896a713)
  • Lightroom: Add Unlock premium patch (#2740) (e18a9bc)
  • Nova Launcher: Remove Unlock prime patch (bbde91c)
  • Solid Explorer: Add Remove file size limit patch (01c617d)
  • Strava: Add Subscription features patch (#2872) (387eb29)
  • Tasker: Remove Unlock trial patch (8354a87)
  • YouTube – Debug: Logging of layout proto buffer strings (#2759) (189f719)
  • YouTube – External downloads: Recommend Seal instead of PowerTube (#2803) (082e067)
  • YouTube – Hide video action buttons: Hide individual action buttons (#2723) (220f694)
  • YouTube Music – Exclusive audio playback: Support latest version (0861991)
  • YouTube Music: Add Permanent repeat patch (#2722) (506d49c)
  • YouTube Music: Add Permanent Shuffle patch (#2730) (86a271c)
  • YouTube: Add Alternative thumbnails patch (#2834) (8a4277c)
  • YouTube: Add Custom player overlay opacity patch (#2721) (2622b00)
  • YouTube: Add Enable tablet layout patch (c89b2aa)
  • YouTube: Support version 18.32.39 (7b503e2)

ReVanced MicroG


  • Entirely new, rewritten location stack
  • Major update to maps implementation. Thanks @fynngodau
  • Support for reCAPTCHA Enterprise API
  • Various compatibility improvements

inotia00 mMicroG


  • bump gms version
  • update dependencies
  • upstream


  • initial build
  • A 1:1 version of microG designed for ReVanced apps.
  • A big thanks to Shadow578 for its first implementation.
  • VancedMicroG has been completely discontinued.
    Therefore, mMicroG will replace the role of VancedMicroG.
  • mMicroG is not based on TeamVanced/VancedMicroG (
    Instead, it is based on microg/GmsCore (
  • mMicroG has minimal changes for non-root users in microg/GmsCore (
  • For compatibility with ReVanced and ReVanced Extended, mMicroG uses the same package name as VancedMicroG:

ReVanced Manager