ReVanced Music

ReVanced Music allows us to stream ad-free music for free.

Version 6.20.51

Without music, our lives would have no tune. Still, with most music streaming services demanding premium subscriptions to enjoy top-class music, many people are missing out on so much that the industry has to offer. But alas, the ReVanced Music APK serves to provide everyone, whether you’re a premium subscriber or not, with unlimited access to good music worldwide. Here, we’ll discuss the glory that is ReVanced Music App and all it has to offer you.


What Is ReVanced Music APK?

The ReVanced Music is a modified version of YouTube Music and a suitable replacement for the fallen Vanced Music service. Here, you can stream all your favourite music content for free without a YouTube Music premium membership and enjoy all the VIP features, including an ad-free streaming experience.

App Details

NameReVanced Music
Size50 MB
Last updatedSeptember 23, 2023

Download ReVanced Music APK Latest Version for Android

While you can build this mod using ReVanced Manager, it also comes as a modded APK to simplify your access to quality music online. However, you still require MicroG to log in to your Google account unless you have a rooted Android device, as they use inbuilt Google Play Services. You can also access the Magisk module provided in case you have a rooted device to enjoy all the benefits of ReVanced Music APK.

Please note that the application might still malfunction for users in regions where the YouTube Music service isn’t available, but do not fret because, with a simple VPN, you can start listening to your favourite songs as soon as possible. Download the latest version of the official ReVanced Music APK from the link provided below.


APK file will work on any Android device with the help of MicroG

  • Easy Installation
  • No technical knowledge is required.
  • MicroG must be installed before ReVanced files.
  • Please uninstall the old version before installing the below APK.
  • It is compiled by j-hc
  • The Extended compiled by NoName-exe


You must be rooted with Magisk Su when you want to install this module. No need to install MicroG as it uses Google Play services.

  • You must be a techie to know this procedure
  • Not as easy as compared to APK installation
  • No MicroG needed
  • MinDetach module should be installed to detach playstore dependencies.
  • It is compiled by j-hc
  • The Extended compiled by NoName-exe


The ReVanced Music app comes loaded with amazing features, including:


Reading is fun, but what’s even more exciting, is getting the same information in those books from podcasts. There’s just something interesting about listening to your favorite podcasts and learning something new, especially with educative broadcasts all over the internet. These creative shows have rocked the radio world and racked up a massive fan base, especially on YouTube, and the ReVanced Music hasn’t been left out of the equation. You can listen to various inspiring podcasts on the platform and learn more about the current news, enjoy the humour that entails, and get motivated by the many inspiring stories told every day.

Background Playback

With the ReVanced Music app, you can choose your favorite playlist, exit the app, and compose an email to your employer asking for a raise while getting all the motivation needed from trap songs playing in the background. Multitasking at its best.

No Ads

YouTube Music has ads, and unless you purchase a premium subscription, you’ll just have to endure the constant interruptions while streaming your favourite content. Yet, ReVanced Music offers an amazing and affordable way out of this pickle. With the platform, you can stream music for free without ads. You read that right! The best part is, there’s no catch. Simply download the app and enjoy all the premium benefits of an ad-less streaming platform.

High-quality audio

While it might be difficult to distinguish between the different audio qualities when playing music, you can still tell them apart if you’re extra keen. Pay really close attention to the sound quality because while many third-party applications offer free streaming with good-quality sound, they leave out the best options available. ReVanced Music lets you stream your music with up 320 kbps of audio quality. This gives you a clear and serene listening experience for all your songs, playlists, and albums.


Today, you can access any song’s lyrics online. Simply look up the song title in your browser, and the lyrics will also pop up as an option. However, it can be daunting to look up every song that’s currently playing just to access its lyrics, especially during karaoke nights. The ReVanced Music provides accurate and real-time lyrics for almost every song on the platform. This way, you can simply play your favourite tracks and sing along to the lyrics without messing up even once.


ReVanced Music not only provides you with popular music, but it also lets you discover new and exciting music content worldwide based on your frequent genres. If you like drill music, you’d be surprised to find out that it’s not only a UK drill that exists. There are many other regions producing drill music, most of which are hit in their respective regions and would probably sweep you off your feet even if you don’t understand their native language.


Apart from streaming music, ReVanced Music also offers videos for most songs and mixes on the platform. You don’t need to open your YouTube application just to watch the clip because you can easily switch between songs and videos on the platform.


Once you find your music taste on ReVanced Music, you can create your very own playlists and enjoy every bit of your music taste. The platform also provides you with curated playlists once it learns your streaming habits. These special playlists consist of most of the songs you like listening to often, along with similar tracks and new creations that you are sure to love.


The Billboards is one of the biggest charts you can find in any region, and with ReVanced Music app, you can check all your favourite songs that made it to the list. There are many other charts included for different genres offering the top-rated tracks and albums each is waiting for you to discover.

Live Performances

Apart from the music, videos, and podcasts, you can also watch live performances that occurred in case you missed the main event. You don’t have to miss out on most of them just because you can’t make it to the physical location, as the ReVanced Music app will bring you the best quality recording of the show.

How to Install ReVanced Music APK on Android?

APK can be installed on any android device, irrespective of rooted and non-rooted android. However, we only require MicroG to get your google account.

Step 1. Download the MicroG APK file first.

Step 2. Now, Tap on the MicroG APK file and allow this source option.

Tap on MicroG APK file and allow this source option

Step 3. Tap on the install and done button.

Tap on install and done button

Step 4. Download the ReVanced Music APK file from the above.

Step 5. Now, Tap on the APK file.

Step 6. Tap on the Install.


Step 7. Tap on the open.

Now, go to the account option and log in with Gmail to get your account on this client.

How to Install ReVanced Music Magisk Module on Rooted Android?

This Magisk Module lets you install the ReVanced Music at the system level. So, the App can have access to the Google Accounts that are associated with Google Play services.

Step 1. Download ReVanced Music Magisk Module from the above section.

Step 2. Open the Magisk app.

open magisk app and tap on modules

Step 3. Now, Tap on Modules which is at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 4. Tap on the Install from Storage option.

Step 5. It will open your phone’s storage. Please navigate to the downloaded .zip file and tap on it.


Step 6. Now, you can see the Flashing screen. Just wait until you see the reboot button.

Step 7. Go back.

Step 8. Download MinDetach Magisk Module and flash it by following steps 3 to 6.

MinDetach module basically detaches YouTube/Music from the Google Play store. This avoids auto-updating. Recommended flashing this module.

Step 9. Reboot.

Final Words

Don’t give any excuses for missing out on the latest releases just because you don’t own a premium membership to YouTube Music or Spotify. With the ReVanced Music application, you can access the best and discover awesome music content worldwide, so download the APK today to get started on a free, new, and profound musical journey.