YouTube ReVanced

YouTube ReVanced is a modded version that offers Background Playback, Ad-Free content, SponsorBlock, Return YouTube Dislike, and many more.

Version 18.35.36

YouTube Vanced is dead, and we will forever cherish the simplicity it created for all users on the platform. Still, we can’t sit and wait for its revival when many other suitable alternatives are offering similar functions and probably even better user experiences. One of the most-awaited Vanced alternatives is the YouTube ReVanced APK, the official replacement. While this application is still in its initial stages, it offers the basic YouTube Vanced features and impressive patches aimed at maintaining the Vanced legacy. This post will walk you through everything you need to know about the YouTube ReVanced App.


What Is YouTube ReVanced APK?

YouTube ReVanced is a free customized YouTube client that serves to replace the discontinued YouTube Vanced by providing users with similar app features and other extra modes. It also consists of ReVanced Music, which lets users stream their ideal music genre with all the benefits of YouTube Music Premium. However, the ReVanced APK is currently in its birth stage and isn’t available as an APK but rather as a builder you can use to create your own app.

NameReVanced YouTube
Size97 MB
Updated onSeptember 12, 2023

Download YouTube ReVanced APK and Magisk Module for Android

YouTube ReVanced is packed with loads of features, most of which are similar to its predecessor, YouTube Vanced. You can play music in the background while browsing other applications, return the YouTube dislike count that was removed from the platform, customize your own playback speed, disable ads, and remove sponsored segments, among other thrilling features. While there are many other YouTube alternatives, ReVanced APK has shown enough potential by providing users with basic YouTube Premium features and an incredible streaming experience with the various patches included.

You would also need the Magisk module framework to install the module on your rooted Android device successfully.


APK file will work on any Android device with the help of MicroG

  • Easy Installation
  • No technical knowledge is required.
  • MicroG must be installed before ReVanced files.
  • If you receive an error, please uninstall the old version before installing the below APK.
  • The Extended compiled by NoName-exe
  • The General compiled by j-hc


You must be rooted with Magisk Su when you want to install this module. No need to install MicroG as it uses Google Play services.

  • You must be a techie to know this procedure
  • Not as easy as compared to APK installation
  • No MicroG needed
  • MinDetach module should be installed to detach playstore dependencies.
  • The Extended compiled by NoName-exe
  • The General compiled by j-hc

Suppose you don’t want to use our apks. In that case, you can follow the procedure below, where we explained the necessary builder to create your official version of the YouTube ReVanced APK. or Download the latest version of the ReVanced Manager to create your app today.

How We Built This YouTube ReVanced APK?

Building this ReVanced APK isn’t as easy as downloading and installing the official APK directly onto your Android device, but you can follow a few easy steps to get it done fast. We used ReVanced Builder by reisxd to build our own version of ReVanced APK.

Firstly, you need to download Termux, an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment app that functions directly without rooting your device. You can download the latest version of Termux from F-Droid and run these commands:

curl -sLo
chmod +x

Once you have the builder incorporated, it should start installing on your device. You must then select the app you’d like to patch, YouTube in this case, and wait for the software to download dependencies and, finally, the application itself.

You can find the APK files in the phone’s internal storage.

If you want to run it in the future, just run ./ again.

For updating, use ./ update and for reinstalling, use ./ reinstall (they both do different things).

If you want to see other commands, use ./ help


It Can Be Used as a Secondary YouTube

Like YouTube Vanced, you can download ReVanced as a secondary YouTube on your Android device unless you prefer deleting the original version. The benefit of this feature for users is that they can switch back to the old version in case the new, but unfinished ReVanced app needs debugging.

Since the official ReVanced APK isn’t out yet, some people speculate about its compatibility with the original YouTube application. Various sources claim that you might have to uninstall the original YouTube app to install ReVanced, but I found no such proof.

Works on Both Root and Non-Root Devices

By following a few simple steps, you can install YouTube ReVanced on both root and non-root devices. Still, many Android users gave up on the idea of building their own ReVanced APK the moment they realized that the official app wasn’t out yet.

You can’t blame them – extracting these files and building your own app doesn’t sound as fun, especially if you’re used to downloading and installing the APK directly. Also, many users conclude that such processes are specifically meant for root devices, which isn’t the case with YouTube ReVanced.

Disabled Ads

ReVanced lets users disable general and video ads from the platform, allowing users to watch their content without interruptions. This easily translates to a better user experience with the app through convenient and seamless streaming. I’m aware of the significant role that these ads play, especially for the content creators I’m following.

However, I can’t help but get annoyed every time I’m forced to watch an unskippable video ad for my video to continue playing. Also, what if I needed emergency information from a video, but YouTube decided to surprise me with 3 ads tailored towards nothing relevant to my search? Imagine how inconvenient that would be.

Background Play

You can watch a YouTube video and browse through other apps simultaneously without splitting your screen. It’s beneficial for users who want to focus on other tasks like browsing and chatting while watching their video on a minimized floating screen in the background. Users can also position the floating screen anywhere on their Android screen while using other apps or minimize it entirely and only listen to the audio version of the video.

This feature is incredibly convenient for podcast fans like myself whenever I have work to handle on my phone, but I don’t want to miss out on any interesting information from these sessions. It also serves to save data whenever you have chores to do and can only listen to the audio of videos.

Supports MicroG

MicroG allowed you to log into your Google account and access all your preferences from YouTube Vanced and now does the same for YouTube ReVanced. This feature benefits users who follow through with building their ReVanced version and want to access all their YouTube accounts, channels, liked videos, or favorite creator’s content without using the original application. Still, you’ll need to build ReVanced and download MicroG separately because the YouTube alternative hasn’t been released as an APK that you can install directly from MicroG.


You can now change the YouTube launcher icon and name to your choice in the ReVanced app. Custom-branding redefines open-source customization by giving users full control over the interface, allowing them to create their preferred platform. This feature also makes you proud of the changes made and eager to open the app every time just for a glimpse of your own creation.

Premium Heading

The premium branding for YouTube Premium users is displayed on the ReVanced app for an authentic look. The benefit for users is that nobody can differentiate between ReVanced and the original YouTube Premium subscription unless you customize the homepage’s branding. You can also opt to hide the original YouTube application and use ReVanced instead, giving you full access to all premium features.

Hide Creator’s watermark

A branding watermark lets creators add a logo to all the videos on their channel. With the YouTube ReVanced APK, you can automatically hide this branded image from all videos, giving you full content display without the overlaying logo. Users can watch any content without branding and get a full-angle view of the video. Still, these watermarks offer brand recognition and prevent video theft, whereby a creator’s videos are stolen and passed off as someone else’s project.

Remove Full-Screen Panels

With this feature, you can disable the video description and comments panel in fullscreen view. This feature benefits users who want to watch content without any panel features or settings popping up during the video. As such, users get uninterrupted and full-view streaming on the platform.


Without YouTube Premium, a “Get Premium” splash screen appears whenever you open the app, encouraging you to upgrade to a premium account. However, YouTube ReVanced already provides you with Premium features for free and, thus, also lets you hide the “Get Premium” screen inside the app. This way, there’s no proof that the YouTube account you’re using isn’t a premium subscription.


YouTube ReVanced lets you skip sponsored segments on every video on the platform. This feature helps reduce time wasted showing off the endorsements, sponsorships, subscription begging, and more before the relevant content starts. Sponsored segments help promote the brand, message, or product of the third party without integrating it into the content. However, it takes up part of the video, thus taking part of the viewer’s streaming time.

Return YouTube Dislike

YouTube removed the public dislike count from all the videos on its platform in November 2021. This change barred everyone except the content’s creators from seeing the number of dislikes a video has. You can reverse this change with the YouTube ReVanced APK, which activates RYD integration to restore the dislike view count. This helps users know the public’s opinion on a video and determine whether the video is worth their streaming time.


You can now make videos auto-repeat by default whenever they end. This saves users the effort required to walk over to their phones and manually restart the videos. Also, whenever you’re enjoying good music while handling other tasks simultaneously, you don’t have to put your chore aside just to hear the song again.


ReVanced can play HDR videos in auto-brightness mode supported by your device. This mode gives streamers the best brightness settings for high dynamic range videos on the platform, resulting in the optimum streaming experience. Regulating the brightness to the most favorable levels also protects your eyes from screen glare and prevents straining.

Swipe Controls

ReVanced comes with swipe gestures for brightness and volume during fullscreen playback. Instead of manually increasing the volume of your phone, you can simply swipe up or down on each side of the screen to change the brightness and volume of your current video. These swipe gestures free up screen space that would’ve otherwise hosted clickable UI icons for the relevant video functions.


The normal YouTube playback speed ranges from 0.5X to 1.5X. However, you can change the default playback speed options and customize them to your preferred settings with the YouTube ReVanced APK. Users can tweak the speed of their videos to make them go either slower or faster than the default settings, depending on their objectives.


Amoled gives your YouTube ReVanced app a pitch-black theme like the dark mode in the original YouTube APK. The theme consumes less power while displaying dark backgrounds and reduces the light emitted by the device to protect the users’ eyes from glare and provide some relief from eye strain.


This mode helps you disable YouTube shorts from your ReVanced APK. YouTube Shorts let creators produce content in less time, improving upload quality and quantity. However, I find them addictive because they’re always quick and punchy, unlike regular YouTube videos, making them more entertaining. Sometimes I’d need a break from spending hours on end watching shorts like I do TikTok videos, and this feature is the perfect solution. Now, you can browse through relevant videos without diverting all your attention to the shorts.


Some people despise change, no matter how minor. I don’t blame them because it can be hard to adjust to the new alterations. As a result, YouTube ReVanced allows you to choose an old-quality layout on the platform as long as it is compatible with your device. These options include 240p, 480p, 1080p, 1440p, and more.


Sometimes bugs cause your apps to lag or trigger various errors that have ripple effects, and this feature helps ease the issue. With the ReVanced APK, debugging is automatically applied in the app and functions while you’re streaming to identify the relevant errors and work towards dealing with the issue.

What Is the Difference Between Vanced and ReVanced?

Limited customizationIncorporates custom-branding
Default Playback SpeedCustom Playback Speed
YouTube shorts are permanentYou can disable shorts
“Get Premium” splash screen appearsHide-Get-Premium splash screen
The Creator watermark is permanentYou can hide the creator watermark
Excludes the premium branding for YouTube Premium accountsIncludes the premium branding for YouTube Premium accounts

How to Install ReVanced YouTube APK on Android?

APK can be installed on any android device, irrespective of rooted and non-rooted android. However, we only require MicroG to get your google account.

Step 1. Download the MicroG APK file first.

Step 2. Now, Tap on the MicroG APK file and allow this source option.

Tap on MicroG APK file and allow this source option

Step 3. Tap on the install and done button.

Tap on install and done button

Step 4. Download YouTube ReVanced APK file from the above.

Step 5. Now, Tap on the APK file.

Step 6. Tap on the Install.


Step 7. Tap on the open.

Now, go to the account option and log in with Gmail to get your account on this client.

How to Install YouTube ReVanced Magisk Module on Rooted Android?

This Magisk Module lets you install YouTube ReVanced at the system level. So, the App can have access to the Google Accounts that are associated with Google Play services.

Step 1. Download YouTube ReVanced Magisk Module from the above section.

Step 2. Open the Magisk app.

open magisk app and tap on modules

Step 3. Now, Tap on Modules which is at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 4. Tap on the Install from Storage option.

Step 5. It will open your phone’s storage. Please navigate to the downloaded .zip file and tap on it.

flash youtube revanced magisk module zip file

Step 6. Now, you can see the Flashing screen. Just wait until you see the reboot button.

Step 7. Go back.

Step 8. Download MinDetach Magisk Module and flash it by following steps 3 to 6.

MinDetach module basically detaches YouTube/Music from the Google Play store. This avoids auto-updating. Recommend flashing this module.

Step 9. Reboot.

Final words

It might not be perfect yet, but the YouTobe ReVanced APK has a bright future ahead with all the opportunities it has for YouTube users. While building an app sounds exhausting, it’s well worth the effort because, with this app installed on your device, you’re never going back to the old, restricted ways of basic subscriptions.